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ViralVagon website is owned and operated by Minutiae Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This website fills the gap between Brands and Influencers.Both are referred to as "users" on this website.

These terms and conditions of this website will govern your access and use of this website.You can use this website only when you accept the terms and conditions mentioned below. ViralVagon has all the rights to change these terms and conditions whenever necessary.You will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as amended by your continued use of the website.

Any content you provide on this website will be dealt according to the privacy policy of this website.

Content In This Website:

Our website contains text,audio,video,images,graphics,advertisements that originate with ViralVagon.com. All the content is a copyright 2017 ViralVagon.com.The copyrighted information is protected by international copyright laws.

Without our approval, you are not supposed to use the trademarks, logos and other information on our website.

You must not:
modify and create similar works like this website.
defeat, disable any security mechanism related to this website.
defame our website or our company.

Content Rules:

All the information you give us while registering on this website is accurate and not misleading.

All the third party social media accounts to which you link are:
-your own accounts
-In the event that the account refers to a Brand,that you are authorized by the owners or controllers of that brand to access its social media accounts or represent their interests.
-in the event that the account refers to an individual who is not yourself, that you are authorized by that individual to access his or her social media accounts represents their interests.

You have all the rights to accept this agreement, use our website and get all the benefits provided by us.

you are exactly representing yourself and any relationship you claim to have with a brand or individual.

You are allowed to use the user content in a way mentioned in this agreement, and according to the privacy policy of this website.


Your username and password are for your use only they are not transferable, you are responsible for protecting your password and other login credentials.

Use strong passwords such as combinations of uppercase, lowercase and numerals for safety reasons and protection of your account. ViralVagon is not responsible for any damage arising from your failure to comply with the above.

You must protect your account from unauthorized persons using it. If things like this happen you should inform us at the earliest possible.


ViralVagon takes all the care in presenting the content.We are not responsible for its correctness, accuracy or timeliness.We do not endorse or advocate the use of any product or procedure present in the content.

While using our website you may find content that is in appropriate, obscene and misleading.Viral Vagon is no way responsible for any such content.

ViralVagon has all the rights to suspend or delete your account or the user content anytime , without any prior intimation or notice.

ViralVagon or our team is no way responsible for the losses you get due to closing or suspending your account.


All payouts to publishers are calculated and made exclusive of taxes, duties, levies, tariffs, and other governmental charges including, without limitation, VAT (collectively, "Taxes"). Publisher will be responsible for payment of all Taxes and any related interest and penalties resulting from any payments made hereunder, other than any taxes based on ViralVagon's net income.

You will get your payment only once in seven days.Your request for early payment will not be considered strictly at any cost.

The bank details you provide us during the registration process are considered accurate and correct details.We transfer amounts only to the given bank details.

ViralVagon reserves all the rights to withhold the payout of any publisher,if the management finds any suspicious activity.


We get all the rights but we may not monitor the website and the content, we get all the rights to remove or refuse to post any content by the users.

If you find any technical errors in the website or if you find that your account is hacked, you can inform us at info@viralvagon.com you may or may not get response to such mails.

General Rules:

There is no joining fee or registration fee for ViralVagon, you can signup for free.

If we find any user using bots or any kind of fake traffic practices, his or her account is terminated without any warning. Such users will not get the payment they are supposed to get for the work they have done.

If you do not login to your account at least once in a month,your account gets terminated without any intimation.You will not get the payment for the previous work done.

The cost per click varies for each campaign, you will not have similar pricing for every campaign.