Is ViralVagon a legal company?
Yes, it is a legal company, It has full filled all the legal requirements to be a Pvt Ltd company.

Are there any restrictions to join ViralVagon?
There are no restrictions to join ViralVagon.

Are there any limitations in running the campaigns?
You can run unlimited campaigns, there are no restrictions.

What is the usual payout duration?
You get your money transferred to your account once in seven days.

Can I get my money before the payout duration?
No, At any case, your request will not be considered.

What should I do if my account gets blocked?
You can contact us at Usually, it gets blocked only if you practice any fake methods to bring traffic.

For what reasons my account gets blocked?
Your ViralVagon account gets blocked if:
You use bots to get traffic.
You do not show any activity on the website for a 30 days period.

Will I get the amount for the work I have done, if the account is blocked?
No, Payouts are received only by the active users.

Can I retrieve my account after it is blocked?
Yes, you send us a request mail to Your account will be retrieved but you will have to start from zero again.

Will advertisers get their money back if you fail to finish the promised task?
Yes. we refund the amount to advertisers if we fail to finish the promised tasks.

Is there any agreement between the advertiser and ViralVagon.
Yes, advertisers have to sign an agreement accepting our terms and conditions, only then they are liable to use our services.